Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Steven Olschwanger’s Easy Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The word ‘Holiday’ is associated with frolic, fun and relaxation. But these holidays are a difficult period for dieters and exercisers. It is one of the hardest times in life to maintain our weight. Holiday weight gain comes from the things like eating fast, without even tasting the food, munching or chewing mindlessly and also because of eating and sleeping without doing any exercise. There are many ways to avoid this Holiday weight gain. Some of them said by Steven Olschwanger are

Eat Slowly
The body takes 20 minutes to feel the effect of the food. If you eat slowly, you can feel full and satisfied. The tip for eating slowly is to make conversations while you eat.

Keep exercising daily. Follow this as a regular habit. Morning is the best time to do exercise and workouts. It makes you feel more energetic and active. Do simple exercises like skipping, running, aerobics, jogging or cycling for at least 30 minutes a day.

Maintain a balanced diet always
It is important to maintain a balanced diet always. The diet what you eat must contain a minimum of five fruits and vegetables. You can include protein sources like beans, legumes, nuts, turkey and carbohydrates like bread, pasta, potatoes, rice and corn in your meal.

Avoid side dishes
Try to avoid side dishes as they do not help with weight loss. They contain a lot amount of calories than the main food. So, it is best to avoid these types of dishes.

Avoid grazing
Don’t graze all the day. Save your eating for meal time only. If you are hungry, you can take healthy and protein high snacks. If appetizers are served, stick to the fresh vegetables and avoid the dip. During the meal, eat one plate full and not more than that. Unless you are cooking, stay out of the kitchen as it avoids the temptation of grazing.

Drink water in between
Drink water between your breakfast and lunch or dinner. This will slow down your intake of foods and cocktails. It keeps your hand busy making you to feel full and energetic.

Don’t skip meals
Some people skip meals or breakfast during the holidays. This is not a good habit. Eat three times a day. Skipping breakfast or lunch increases your hunger and make you to indulge in a high fat meal.

Steven Olschwanger is a Fitness Enthusiast and has written several articles on body maintenance, dieting etc. Follow these steps of Steven during the holidays to avoid gaining excess weight. Do not stop your exercise and balanced diet. Keep that going and you will enjoy the company of your friends, family or relatives.

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