Thursday, 16 January 2014

Steve Olschwanger Bad Effects of being overweight

1)      Heart Disease:
Overweight causes heart disease. For instance when a woman’s waist measures more than 35 inches and a man’s waist measure more than 40 inches then it will leads to serious diseases like heart disease and high blood pressure. High blood pressure is the main reason for many heart related diseases. It also causes a disease known as angina which is a pain in chest this happens when the heart does not get enough oxygen due to overweight.

Atherosclerosis is another disease related with heart that affects the obese people. It is hardening of the arteries. But it can be prevented when the person decreases the weight.

2)      Cancer:
Overweight in women causes many cancers like uterus, cervix, colon and breast and gallbladder cancer. For men they can get prostate, colon and rectum cancer.

3)      Psychological problems:
Overweight not only affect the health but it also causes some psychological problems. When people could not wear the dress they like or when the dress they like seems very awkward when they wear it, will hurt them emotionally. They usually have a feeling of embarrassment. Due to the overweight there will be loss of enjoyment in life.

4)      Sleep Apnea:
Sleep Apnea is a disease which occurs during sleep. It is a pause in the breath during sleep. Whenever the breath stops it is considered as an apnea. This can even last up to one hour starting from few minutes or seconds.  And because of the pause in the breath the person will start breathing in the mouth.

5)      Joint problems:
When weight excess it will affect the joints such as hip, knee and so on. When the joints are affected it will cause a disease known as osteoarthritis. Because of the overweight all these joints are pressured a lot.

6)      Physical work
It’s not easy for a fat person to do all physical work easily but the people who are not fat can do it very fast and easy. Even walking will be harder for them.

7)      Diabetes:
Overweight causes type2 diabetes. It happens when enough glucose is not produced by pancreas.
As there are so many health and psychological problems due to overweight take some risk and reduce the weight to live happily and healthily. And it is better late than never, so if you are overweight and didn’t take any risk till today, no problem start today and build a healthy body. 

Best Wishes For Your Weight Loss Plan By Steven Olschwanger

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